A history of champions

 There are only good reasons for competing in such fine art as Oyster Opening. The EC, who founded the competition years ago, was not only interested in finding a champion. On the contrary, the whole idea behind a European Championship in Oyster Opening was to gather the elite of the European oyster opener - and that should naturally be done with an exclusive championship battle. And as it seems, that's exactly what happened!

Every year the best and the second best oyster opener in every country are invited to compete in the European Oyster Opening Championships. And to make sure that representatives from countries without national events will have the possibility to enter the competition, they can qualify through results from earlier competitions. The same goes for competitors who have represented their country in the World Championship in Galway 2014.

And if that wasn't enough, the management of the competition has the opportunity to hand out a wild card to participants who don't meet the above criteria.

THe winner will qualify to the World Oyster Cup. This year in Gothenbourg 3 September at Gothia Tower, at the same day and location the Swedish Championship will be held for the 48th time!

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Background about competing in Oyster Opening

World Championships held since 1954 in Galway in western Ireland and implemented by the end of September each year. The competition is to the quickest possible time to open and present 30 pieces of oysters Ostrea Edulis of the type often referred to as Belon. One of the competition arena insulated jury assesses quality and presentation of the opening, where it is assigned to the increment of defects and time-less appealing presentations. The winner is the one who reaches the lowest aggregate time.

Many are the visiting tournament opener from Europe and Scandinavia, to arrest the press & media, and the audience that gives the European Championships in oyster opening score - "Europe's most organized and most popular oyster championship of them all".

To ensure the quality of the competition convened a distinguished international jury with knowledge of the competition rounds, and with broad industry experience.

In conjunction with the Championship are invited local artisanal food producers to a food fair, it is treated to musical entertainment, oysters courses, bar and cafe sales etc.